Affordable, lightweight robot arms

Svenzva’s premiere robot is the Revel robotic manipulator, one of the most affordable 6 Degree of Freedom robot arms on the market.

What makes the Revel so affordable? Our Engineering team designed Revel from the bottom up to reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining features that allow complex control. Revel contains smart servos that output a full suite of state information and allow several control modes.

Revel is ROS enabled through our driver software, which has been designed to allow users to get acquainted quickly but also allow control flexibility for power-users and researchers.

Bringing robotics to students of all ages

Svenzva Robotics specializes in designing the hardware and software to power affordable high-performance robotics.

Svenzva’s mission is to provide access to robotics for those that will utilize it best: students. We work with universities and primary educators to provide robotics for classrooms, research labs and museums.

We believe the best way to learn about robotics is hands-on with actual robots that are useful enough to interact and experience the world.


We emphasize practical engineering to reduce costs while retaining features.


Our robots come ready to work with fully supported control software written specifically for ROS.

Customer Support

Robustness of design and build is a guarantee, but when things go awry, we're here to help.

Robotics Powered by ROS

Our robots are fully integrated into the ROS ecosystem, allowing students and businesses alike to quickly integrate our robots into your existing project or product.

Our software is opensource. Period. From our control software to robot apps, it will always be fully distributable.