Robot Pick ‘n Drop Exhibit

This robot-centric exhibit utilizes Svenzva Robotics’ experience in custom robotics and software, giving children an introduction to robotic control through a fully featured 6-DOF robot arm.

The robot arm is housed in a 4.5′ x 3′ x 6′ transparent enclosure and is controlled via a 6 axis control panel. Using the control panel, children navigate the arm through space and orient the hand to pick up and move stuffed animals.

This method of control simulates remote teleoperation of robots which is used for disposal of radioactive waste, controlling rovers on mars, and remote surgery.

A parent instructs a child on how to control a robotic manipulator

An Introduction to Robotics

Unlike most robotics exhibits, the robot that users control is fully functioned and is used by researchers and companies in the real world- no toys here!

Children get the opportunity to learn about robotic mechanics first hand through remote teleoperation.

Controlling a robot doesn’t have to be complex and doesn’t require hours of planning.  It can be as simple as exploring a joystick and seeing how the robot responds.

Safe Software

This exhibit uses Svenzva Robotics’ smart collision software to control the robot. This “Dual Control” mode allows users to send movement commands to the robot giving the robot the choice whether or not to carry out the command.

The robot has been programmed to reject movements that would harm itself or the exhibit. For this reason, the robot will not touch the ground or the walls of the exhibit, but instead pause at a safe distance away from obstacles while still allowing movement near the tethered stuffed animals.

Affordability in Mind

Svenzva’s mission is to bring robotics to the public, and to inspire the next generation of young roboticists. As such, we offer the Robot Pick n’ Drop exhibit at a very affordable rate.

If you’re interested in bringing robotics to your museum, activity center or school please contact us.

Images from existing installations

Exhibit Details

The Pick n’ Drop exhibit comes as a complete robotics package which includes

  • The Revel robot arm
  • 4.5′ x 3′ x 6′ enclosure (Aluminum, acrylic and birch construction)
  • The Robot’s control PC with all safety software pre-loaded
  • Stuffed animals with auto-reset feature
  • Extensive user operations manual
  • World class support

Exhibit Details

Electrical Standard 110 V outlet
Shipping Venue pays for incurred shipping costs
Audience 7-year-olds and up, families

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