Replacement Gear Covers for Revel Robot


Sometimes life happens and a gear cover breaks. This set of gear covers contains a cover for each external gear box on the Revel Robot. If your gear cover breaks, we STRONGLY recommend immediate replacement, as the gear cover protects against pinched fingers (or other human harm!)

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Gear covers protect the gear systems from contaminants and abrasives as well as reducing human injury. If you notice any gear cover is damaged you must replace it to prevent damage to humans, the robot, and the environment.


What’s included?

Included is

  • 1 x gear cover for Joint 2
  • 1x gear cover for Joint 3
  • 1x gear cover for Joint 4
  • 1x gear cover for Joint 5

Additional Information

Gear covers are made from high quality engineering plastic and finished with a high durability outer coating.

Again, we strongly recommend replacement of gear covers that are damaged, especially if you use the Revel robot in a collaborative setting!