Svenzva Support Center

For software issues or trouble getting started, please open a github issue in our public repository.

Other issues can be directed to our support staff at

Revel Robotic Manipulator Platform

Revel User Guide PDF

ROS driver package - Version 1_30_18. Please visit github for up-to-date code releases.

Svenzva ROS Github Wiki - Contains quickstart information as well as more detailed documentation on code structure and organization.

Svenzva ROS Wiki - The ROS wiki page for svenzva_ros package. Contain tutorials and details on how to get started with the ROS software.



MoveIt and Gazebo simulations with Revel robot

Using Kinesthetic Teaching with Revel robot

MX Dynamixel Driver for ROS - Lower level MX Dynamixel drivers for firmware at or above 2.0. A ROS-ified python interface to the motors.

Revel ROS high level package - The main code repository for ROS drivers and utility programs including simulation (gazebo) files, MoveIt! configurations, and kinesthetic teaching interfaces.