Everyone is a student

if they refuse to stop learning

Svenzva Robotics’ core mission is to make robotics accessible to students in primary and higher education

Dedicated to Schools

Svenzva works with grade 6-12 schools to supply the tools needed to learn about robotics and engineering in a hands-on way.

Of course, anyone interested in robotics should be able to learn. That’s why all lesson plans, supporting material and guides will be open-source and publicly viewable.

Are you an educator interested in bringing robotics into your curriculum? If so, reach out to us here.


Inspiring Through Exhibits

In addition to schools, Svenzva works with museums to provide a fun experience with a robot arm for all ages. This self-contained enclosure holds a robot arm that is controllable through Svenzva’s custom 6-Axis joystick controller. Participants can read about how robots are controlled and programmed, but more importantly can experience it first hand by picking and placing objects in the exhibit enclosure.

We think robotics should be interactive, and this provides a fun & safe way to introduce robot mechanics to children.


If you’re interested in having a robot arm exhibit in your museum, reach out to us here.


A Call to All Makers

Makers, hobbyists and those excited by all things tech- Svenzva has you covered.

With our Kinesthetic Teaching software framework its never been easier to teach a robot a unique or repetitive task. But in addition to teaching, you can use ready-to-playback interactions through our community contributed repository of robot teaching sessions.