The Revel Robotic Manipulator


At a weight of 3kg and a price under $6500, the Revel Robotic Manipulator is one of the lightest and most affordable robot arms in its feature class.

The Revel was designed by Svenzva Robotics specifically to make robotic manipulation affordable while maintaining desired features like force control, compliance and backdrivability.
With its lifting capacity, configurable design and open source ROS software, Revel makes an ideal candidate for research & education. Revel's lightweight and low power requirements appeal to mobile and service robots that need to interact with their environments.

Included with the arm is a ready-to-go software stack on the ROS ecosystem, allowing for quick and natural integration into existing robots or research projects.

Orders have a 2-3 week lead time.

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Expect the following features right out of the box:

  • The ability to lift 1.36kg at a full reach of 65cm
  • The power and convenience of the ROS ecosystem through our ROS drivers
  • Trajectory execution with motion planning through MoveIt!
  • Position, Velocity, and Torque as native control modes
  • Gazebo simulator and ros_control support
  • Compliance and gravity compensation for easy kinesthetic teaching ineractions

User Guide

ROS driver package - Version 1_30_18. Please visit github for up-to-date code releases.

Revel Robotic Manipulator at a glance


Overall weight (kg)


Full reach distance (mm)


Payload at full reach (kg)


Repeatability (mm)

Maximum Payload (full reach)
Degrees of freedom
Arm reach
Mounting orientation

Control methods




Upright only
ROS, python interfaces
Input voltage
Power consumption (min holding)
Power consumption (max holding)
Communication Protocol
Communication Frequency
Motor angular resolution
8.4 watts @ 12V
66.5 watts @ 12V
TTL (RS‑485 by request)
100 Hz
0.088 degrees

Cartesian Repeatability

MoveIt! Motion Planning

Force Control

Object manipulation

6-Axis Cartesian Teleoperation

Xbox 360 Teleoperation

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