Affordable robotics: lightweight and high power

Svenzva Robotics’ premiere robot is the Revel robotic manipulator, an affordable robotic arm with 6 Degree of Freedom, medium size and a light overall weight.

What makes the Revel one of the most affordable robots? Our Engineering team designed Revel from the bottom up to reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining features that allow complex control. Revel contains smart servos that output a full suite of state information and allow several control modes.

Revel is ROS enabled through our driver software, which has been designed to allow users to get acquainted quickly but also allow control flexibility for power-users and researchers.

Bringing robotics into the real world

Our robotic arm is a heavy weight in features but a lightweight in cost. Svenzva Robotics specializes in designing the hardware and software to power affordable high-performance robotics.


We work with everyone from small businesses to universities to provide robotics for education, research and manufacturing automation.


We emphasize practical engineering to reduce costs while retaining features.


Our robots come ready to work with fully supported control software written specifically for ROS.

Customer Support

Robustness of design and build is a guarantee, but when things go awry, we're here to help.

What can you do with our robots?

Take your ideas from the lab

to the broader world

revel robotic arm picks fruit in lab
revel robotic arm picks up eggs and fruit

Automate your work flow

revel robot measured cnc machined part
robotic arm solders pcb

Or just have fun

(yep, we’ve officially automated skateboarding)

What sets Revel apart from other ROS powered robotic arms?

The Revel Robotic Arm practically begs to be modified for your specific use case – all at an affordable price point.

Expect these features right out of the box:

  • The ability to lift 1.36kg at a full reach of 63cm
  • The power and convenience of the ROS ecosystem through our ROS drivers
  • Trajectory execution with motion planning through MoveIt!
  • Position, Velocity, and Torque as native control modes
  • Gazebo simulator and ros_control support
  • Compliance and gravity compensation for easy kinesthetic teaching interactions

We’re here to help

We are here to help you succeed! Our support team is always available for questions, advice, bug requests, hardware support or suggestions.

If a Svenzva Robotics product doesn’t meet your expectations, return them within 30 days through our money back guarantee. In addition, our products are covered under our warranty, so you should never feel like you’re hung out to dry.