Introducing Affordable Manipulation

Our premiere robot is the Revel robotic manipulator. The Revel balances affordability while retaining features that make it useful.

This is part of a broader effort to make useful robotics more accessible for education and push the abilities of ever-prevalent service robotics.

Who we are

Svenzva Robotics is a group dedicated to making robotics affordable enough for mass adoption, without skipping on features that limit functionality.

We firmly believe in robotics in the broader context of science and technology education. We work with universities and primary educators to enhance education and help push robotic research forward.


We emphasize practical engineering to reduce costs while retaining features.


Our robots come ready to work with fully supported control software written specifically for ROS.

Customer Support

Robustness of design and build is a guarantee, but when things go awry, we're here to help.

Unapologetically open source

Open source can sometimes be taken to mean a lack of customer service. Not at Svenzva. We take great pride in having easy to use control software, while still giving users full control. We actively develop new applications and updates for our robots.


Besides, access to control software is a right not a privilege! Rather than charging our customers for licenses to our codebase, we would like to collaborate with you, the customer. Show us what you got!