Ultra Quiet Vacuum Gripper System for Robotic Arms

A vacuum pump / gripping system that is small, quiet and affordable. Our system boasts 2.75 kg of lifting force with a sound level of only 50 dB.

This system is designed to work with other Svenzva accessories to get you up-and-running with vacuum gripping on the Revel Robotic Arm. This system will work with other robotic applications however: simply connect the 1/4″ OD output tubing and you’re ready to get started.

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Robotic gripping can be a complicated problem. Some objects simply require a vacuum gripper.

The typical downsides to vacuum gripping systems are:

  • high initial cost
  • loud, industrial sounding vacuum pump
  • size too large to be integrated into mobile robot platforms
  • difficult software integration

Svenzva Robotics has engineered a vacuum gripping system that reduces or eliminates all of the above problems.

Our Ultra Quiet Robotic Arm Vacuum Gripping System can hold up to 2.75kg and emit sound at only 50 dB while in full operation- that’s the sound of a normal conversation! Combine that with its small size and low weight not to mention our system is already integrated into ROS through ROS serial drivers.

Our gripping system also includes pressure sensing feedback which allows for more robust gripping algorithms. Use this data to sense whether or not the vacuum gripper has successfully made contact with a surface.

What’s Included?
1 x Ultra Quiet Robotic Arm Vacuum Gripping System vacuum box
1 x Associated mounting hardware
1 x DC power adapter

Additional Information
Input voltage: DC 12 V
Power consumption (standby) : TBD
Power consumption (full operation) : TBD
Pressure vacuum: 30PSI
Pressure sensing: included*
Release valve: electronically controlled solenoid
Control methods: ROS driver

*pressure transducer is sensitive to elevation changes. Sensing should be considered ‘indication only’.

Though this product was engineered for use with our Revel Robotic Arm, the system is not specific to this robot. Use this product for any robotic application that requires high payload and a fair price in a small package.

NOTE: this product is not yet for sale. The above information is for reference only and is subject to change prior to product release.