Revel Mounting Finger Set


Included is 1 set (2 fingers) mounting fingers for the Revel Robotic Manipulator and M4 bolts for mounting accessories.

These fingers allow the use of Svenzva hard-mounted accessories for the Revel Robotic Arm as well as your own custom mounting solutions. These are a great addition if you want to add holding ability to your Revel without making permanent modifications to the arm structure.

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These fingers are part of the accessory system for the Revel Robotic Arm. These fingers hold the same shape as the Revel Standard Finger Set but allows for two M4 bolts to be run through one finger and screwed into the other finger. This allows for you to securely and repeatably mount accessories to the Revel gripper without permanent modification.

The hole placement is accurate to +/- 0.005″ allowing these fingers to hold a variety of custom fixturing devices as well as the accessories Svenzva offers.

Optional coating

You have the option to apply the same non-slip coating applied to the Revel Standard Finger Set. This turns the accessory fingers into ‘general purpose’ fingers that don’t need to be changed out.

Note that the non-slip coating adds some thickness (between .001″ and 0.004″) to the interior face of the fingers. Depending on your application, this will effect the absolute positional accuracy of the fingers.

What’s Included?

1 x Revel mounting finger with tapped holes

1 x Revel mounting finger with M4 holes

2 x M4 – 50 mm stainless steel machine screw


Additional Information

Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum.

You’ll receive two fingers as part of the set. The fingers are mirrored by design so there is no ‘left’ or ‘right’ finger, though only one is tapped.

See Svenzva’s Support Page for any supporting technical drawings or datasheets.


Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions .1 × .2 × .15 m